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A tailored nutritional plan, assistance from a professional nutrition coach, and monthly video meetings with your coach to help you remain on track are all included with Nutrition Coaching.

Act NOW, $199/mo*

Tired of fad diets, removing whole food categories from your diet, and spending endless hours in the gym with no results? Perhaps you’re having trouble finding food freedom and balance in your life. You might also want to be able to eat as much as you want while still feeling and looking great.

I’ve been there, and I’m here to assist you in living your best life!

Are you an existing client looking to add Nutrition? Please email

*All plans require a three-month minimum commitment paid one month at a time. Cancellations made in the first 10 days (free-trial period) will void the three-month minimum commitment.

The Muscle Whisperer (2)
The Muscle Whisperer (1)

What to expect with Nutrition Coaching.

The initial stages in your Steadfast Strength and Mobility Nutrition Coaching are a detailed questionnaire and a three-day visual food diary. Following that, you’ll be matched with a professional coach who will look over your information with you and set up a private video conference with you to get to know you better.

Within 48 hours of your chat, your coach will offer you with a Nutrition Strategy based on your nutrition history, current eating habits, and goals. Each week, you’ll record your progress on an app, allowing your coach to track and monitor your progress.

Once a month, you and your coach will have a video conference to discuss your progress, difficulties, and any necessary modifications. You can also purchase and schedule additional calls, as needed.

If you are an existing client interested in adding nutrition coaching for only $150/month, please email [email protected]

Steadfast Strength and Mobility’s  PROMISE

With online coaching  you’ll receive:


You are entitled to a road to strength that is as individual as you are. Your program is tailored to you, from your medical history and lifestyle to your job schedule and personal objectives.


Our app allows you to submit lifts on your own time and from wherever you are. On every lift and session, your own Barbell Logic coach will provide you with quick, in-depth coaching.


Your dedication to getting strong will develop your health and establish lasting connections, from daily encounters with your personal coach to interacting with fellow BLOC clients in our online community.

What are the EXPECTATIONS?

Even though we spend 12-18 years in school, we are never taught some of the fundamentals. How much to eat, how to exercise correctly for the physique we desire, how to love and compliment ourselves in the mirror, the significance of a nutrient-dense diet, sleep, good digestion and a happy gut, blood sugar balance, hormone and menstrual health, and stress management As a result, I’m changing the game and enabling individuals to achieve independence via nutrition, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how we’ll collaborate:

  • A nonrestrictive macro-based eating strategy a holistic approach to food, health, and wellness You’ll be given personalized recommendations for how much protein, carbs, and fat to consume each day.
  • keeping track of food quality, hunger, digestion, toilet habits, energy levels, menstruation health, hormone health, sleep, and stress to ensure your body is operating at peak performance
  • ideas for hydration, supplements, and how to plan your meals (in relation to workouts) to ensure you feel fantastic in the gym
  • phone, email, and SMS access to me, as well as bi-weekly phone check-ins
  • Nutrition counseling will be based on macronutrients. We’ll modify your calories and macros as we work together, depending on your body composition, hunger cues, activity levels, and any input you provide, to find the optimal quantity of food to live your best life.

You will never have to diet again, cut out any food categories, or be a slave to the gym to achieve results after working with me. Every day, you’ll learn what foods will best feed your body and help you achieve balance in your life.

The ultimate objective is to gain knowledge from the experience! I want you to understand the “ins and outs” of the process so you may continue living your best life and feeling wonderful on your own.

Do you want to come in? It’s time to get started!


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