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There has been a steady decrease in the quality of personal training services in Northern Virginia due to a complete lack of regulation for personal trainers. As each individual seeks for the finest personal trainer in NOVA, it’s critical to first establish the standard to which all trainers should adhere.

Our goal is to establish a new, professional level of coaching by using our industry-specific education, skill sets, and experience as a personal trainer.  This goal is accomplished by using a client-centered strategy that takes into account individual variations and use structure, responsibility, and monitoring to produce quantifiable outcomes.

Our method includes organized exercise and nutrition, as well as integrated incentive and adherence systems, all while concentrating on achieving your goals by understanding your unique needs.


Achieve your strength and health goals with the help of expert an coach.


It’s as close to a one-on-one relationship as you can get. Our experienced Personal Trainers will work with you to create a progressive training program that will help you reach whatever dream goal you have in mind. Every session is tailored to your individual requirements, eliminating any ambiguity or feeling of overload. Everything from volume and intensity control to forms, exercises, and weight will be covered. Our plans are reevaluated on a regular basis to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency. Personal training, whether in person or online, is the most efficient way to become one of those people who wonders, “HOW DO THEY DO IT?”




We have partnered up with The Shop Gym to bring you the best 1-on-1 Personal Training. Their facilities allow for a wide variety of options for training. Whether it’s General fitness, weightloss, or something as specific as Powerlifting or Strongman. They are able to accomidate whatever your goals may be. 

By removing the need to go to the gym, our in-home training saves you time and effort.  With Steadfast Strength and Mobility, you don’t need to invest in a home gym since we bring all of the equipment to you.

We personalize our programs to fit your particular requirements and objectives because everybody is different. Because of our unique training method, app-based support, and trained and insured trainers, Steadfast Strength and Mobility delivers a superior training experience.

The Shop Gym has 2 locations:

  • Manassas, VA                      Ashburn, VA

So whichever is closest too you, we have the ability to accommodate your training schedule.

To insure that all patrons are compliant with Liability Insurance, each client must be a member of their facility.  

*** Memberships are $85.00, that gives 24 hour access to both facilities ***

**** No Contract****



The most significant barriers to enhancing health, avoiding chronic illness, and improving quality of life via food and exercise are a lack of consistency and responsibility.


Steadfast Strength and Mobility provides accountability through expert strength and nutrition coaching.

Without a strategy, guidance, and the flexibility that leads to a sustained healthy lifestyle, people struggle to improve their health. Weight gain, back and knee discomfort, physical weakness, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and muscle loss are among problems they face.

  • Strength is important since it is the foundation for all human health and mobility.
  • Performance is the definition of strength.
  • Quality of life is a measure of strength. 
  • Health is strength.

Our customers gain strength and enhance their mobility, balance, coordination, and agility via barbell training and nutrition. We educate them how to negotiate real-world hurdles to good diet and the kind of fitness that may improve their life through 1-on-1 coaching. The advantages go beyond physical health to include greater confidence and emotional wellness. Barbell Logic is a group of experienced coaches who think that consistent strength training and a positive connection with food are the foundations for better health and a better quality of life. We pioneered accountability in online strength training and nutrition coaching thanks to our expertise, carefully controlled systems, and unmatched customer service.


Are you unsure whether or not strength training is suitable for you?
Our clientele range in age from the elderly to young, well-trained sportsmen.

When we claim that strength is for everyone, we mean it.

After being diagnosed with osteopenia, I contacted Steadfast Strength and Mobility and was delighted to learn that strength training was something I could actually do to start strengthening my bones. Not only was weight lifting absolutely beyond of my comfort zone for me, but I never imagined I would devote myself to it in the way I have and even upload videos of myself doing so. It has swiftly evolved into a significant and necessary aspect of my existence. With the help of my family and coach, I’m becoming stronger every week.” 

JAY, 58

Determined & Steadfast Strength and Mobility Client

I had double knee replacements. After  5 months of exploring different options, I found Steadfast Strength and mobility. First going through a vast series of Functional strength training and improving my Range of Motion, I can now Deadlift 275lbs, Squat 225lbs, and almost do quality pushups for sets of 10. Thank you for holding me accountable and putting pressure on me.”

Kelly, 50

Wants to Powerlift & Strength and Mobility Client
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