Welcome to the Beginning!


                                     Why I started my blog

Since I started my business, many of clients have asked me, “Why don’t you start a blog?” And up until a few months ago I didn’t truly understand their value. I just thought it would be a waste of time and I could put more effort into other aspects of my business. HOW WRONG I WAS.  After doing much research and reaching out to several bloggers along the way, who have been extremely kind enough to offer their support and advice, I have become completely consumed with inspiration to begin a blog for Steadfast Strength and Mobility. I have finally realized all of the benefits that blogging can bring. It’s going to be an adventure to say the least. 

                          What you will be seeing more of in my posts

Health and Wellness will obviously be the main topic of my blog, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the face behind Steadfast Strength and Mobility (me), and exploring many topics that interest me;  including my favorite weight training programs, exercises for mobility, healthy living, and products that can assist you on your journey.  Writing has never been a strong suite of mine and I will tell you, I am no expert on any of this. I may be a “perfectionist” but I am nowhere near perfect. I figure it will be a lot of trial and error so please bear with me on any grammar/spelling mistakes (disclaimer – I like to talk as I think .. with many dashes and parentheses) and please feel free to always share your advice and communicate with me along the way! I hope to inspire you because truthfully, you all inspire me.  I am excited to be able to dive deeper into what excites me,  bringing you along the way.   

  Revamp experience

After being inspired to start my blog, I wanted to act fast. And let me tell you, This is not a fast task. Having to start over from losing my first business due to Covid-19, was a stressful. However I did learn alot from from failure, so it was time to start a new, I was ready to totally revamp my brand and website which I initially created on my own. Creating a website and/or blog is WORK, be prepared for a huge learning curve. I researched some great web developers, but financially couldn’t afford them. So I inturn went with a WordPress site and Godaddy for hosting. I’m truly thankful for all the Tutorials I found on Youtube and the many hours I could allocate to studying them. Man did I have some headaches. 


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon!

And please bare with me as I navigate the uncertain waters of setting up my own website. I will also be making changes and improvements as I go along.

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