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Founder.Justin Stead


B.S. in Exercise Science, Shenandoah University 

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From an early age, he participated in a variety of sports and was always active in some way. He alternated between participating in official youth leagues and playing with neighborhood kids, unaware that he was developing habits that would benefit him in the long run. He fell in love with witnessing his customers make positive adjustments and overcome their challenges right away. The beauty of coaching, he rapidly discovered, is in the process of transformation that each client goes through. As a coach and an athlete, Justin thinks that no matter where you start, you can strive to improve a little bit each day. He urges his customers to adopt such attitude in order to achieve long-term success. How does Justin assist you in achieving your goals? By working HARD in each session, staying inspired, and utilizing the appropriate tools.

Justin founded Steadfast Strength and Mobility after 20 years of successes and failures. it was the teaching of clients one-on-one and in a group environment that He truly enjoys message of long-term healthy behaviors. Justin aims to use regularity and habit development to assist more people overcome their obstacles in life.

Justin presently develops tailored, professional fitness programs to help you accomplish and maintain your health and fitness objectives. He has a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Shenandoah University and holds a CSCS certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Justin meticulously develops  exercise programs for each client that matches their short and long-term goals, and  knows how to encourage and coach his clients to optimal performance. 

 Justin started an in-home personal training business, working with people who don’t necessarily love it the way she does.

It’s a fancy world with lots of bells and whistles but that is not what gets you fit. Justin understands balance and the need for someone to navigate the fitness world for the best information and practices to get clients to their goals.

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OUR MISSION- Raising the Standard

Steadfast Strength and Mobility, LLC’s aim is to share our real enthusiasm for health and fitness by utilizing our industry-specific talents, education, and experiences to provide a better level of personal training in Northern Virginia. A standard that is unwavering in its commitment to each client’s outcomes, personalization, and educational needs. In all aspects of our personal training, we use structure, objective evaluation, monitoring, and accountability, while staying client-centered in adapting our approach to specific needs. We are confident in our ability to deliver long-term outcomes for our clients while creating a really enjoyable and instructive client experience if we keep our standard.  We work hard to educate and enlighten our clients so they may have the best training, diet, and supplement choices possible.

We would also like to offer our readers with accurate information and unbiased product recommendations based on relevant knowledge, significant research, and reader feedback.


Professional Personal Training

If one thing that my experiences and observations as a personal trainer in the health and fitness business has told me, is that defining specific client requirements for goal accomplishment is not given nearly enough thought. Instead, we see a generic, “one-size-fits-all” approach to personal training, in which the same methods are used on everyone. This disrespect for individual requirements fails to generate results and mars what should be an enjoyable experience working with a personal trainer.

Similarly, we see an inadequate degree of focus on client education, objective progress evaluation, exercise teaching, and client safety among personal trainers. Because the goal of personal training is to help clients achieve their goals while also ensuring that they maintain their results over time, all personal trainers should teach important principles to help clients maintain their progress while also facilitating independence in their own health and fitness practices.

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